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Reaching documented speeds of over 200 mph, the Peregrine Falcon is simply the fastest animal on or above the planet.

The Performance Designs PEREGRINE pushes the limits of what is possible in canopy flight.

"No question, this is absolutely the fastest canopy I’ve ever flown in my life. Compared to every other canopy I’ve flown, this canopy is in a league of its own. This is the first parachute, from the ground up, built for competition canopy piloting." Jay Moledzki-Multiple time World Champion, PD Factory Team

Utilizing Schumann wing planform technology, new materials, and enhanced aerodynamics, we’ve created a beast!

In the Peregrine’s first world debut at the 2012 World Championships of Canopy Piloting, PD Pilots dominated the field with this new wing, winning five of six medals in the speed and distance events.

"The Peregrine filled me with the confidence to compete at the level I needed at the World Meet. The fastest, most responsive canopy I’ve ever flown It’s a whole new machine compared to a comp velocity. It’s a fucking sweet parachute. Its an intense wing, geared toward the top tier swoopers." Curt Bartholomew-2012 World Champion of Canopy Piloting

The PD PEREGRINE is an ultra-high performance canopy designed only for those CP pilots who have achieved the top echelon of canopy piloting competition.

The Performance Designs PEREGRINE is the next step in our competition canopy piloting wings. The Peregrine, utilizing Schumann wing planform technology, is unlike any other canopy in our product line. It was specifically designed for the highest level CP competitors who have trained hard to develop the required skills and experience to consistently be in the top of the field.

Peregrine pilots took home five of the six medals in the speed and distance events at the 2012 World Championships of Canopy Piloting in Dubai. While we’re certainly pleased with these results, it has created an intense demand from many talented skydivers who may not realize the Peregrine was not designed to meet the needs of the everyday skydiver, nor was it designed for the novice, intermediate, or even the advanced CP Competitor. Everything about the Peregrine (line, fabric, aerodynamics, etc.) has been optimized for maximum flight performance, and (only) for the sub terminal deployments used in canopy piloting competitions.

Due to the extremely aggressive and unforgiving nature of the Peregrine, there are only a very small percentage of top CP competitors who have developed the skill set to pilot this beast of a canopy in a safe fashion. This has become a challenge for PD to make sure this canopy is only made available to, and used by, the highest level CP competitors – those that have already proven their ability to consistently fly their Competition Velocities at their highest potential.

So how do we get the Peregrine into the right hands? We see the Peregrine as being like the Formula 1 race car or NASCAR vehicle of the PD product line. Mercedes & Renault have F-1 teams, while Ford and Chevy have highly specialized vehicles in the NASCAR series. These efforts showcase the capabilities of these companies, even though these race cars aren’t available to the general public. In a similar fashion, while the PEREGRINE does a great job of showcasing our Company’s design and manufacturing capabilities, it is not available to the general skydiving public.

Performance Designs is identifying top CP pilots and contacting them directly with the opportunity to fly the PEREGRINE, based on their experience and historical competition results. The PEREGRINE will not be made available through our PD dealer network. If you are seriously interested in a Peregrine, the best way to let us know is to continue competing on your Comp Velocity. As you demonstrate your skills and experience, and rise among the CP ranks, we will most certainly take notice.

The Peregrine will continue to drive world class PD Pilots to the top of the CP ranks as the Comp Velocity has already done so well. The resulting press and publicity of PEREGRINE pilots will continue to show our drive and dedication to redefine what is possible in canopy flight.

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